An operating system for diversity and innovation.

BREATHE is a collaboration process designed for teams wishing to utilise diversity and target innovation more effectively.

After experiencing BREATHE – we guarantee your organisation will not only be clearer on its opportunities to use diversity – but will CRAVE diversity over any other resource.


BREATHE is for everyday use across organisations, teams and silos.

BREATHE disrupts and overrides traditional forms of collaboration, which are outdated and prone to the obstacles of gender imbalance, unconscious bias, group think and self-censorship.

In an age where automation is about to take a large stake in our work – BREATHE is tech free, focussing entirely on human interaction.

By using five tried and tested structures, groups of all sizes can generate, develop and take decisive actions utilising all-new thinking and critical insights in little more than an hour.

In organisations this leads to a higher level of inclusion and much better rates of talent retention.


BREATHE works for creative, corporate and volunteer organisations.

Our introductory immersion workshop for up to 40 people not only introduces you to the BREATHE process but will also enable you to assess and to measure the diversity of thinking and operational potential in your teams.

From there, adopting BREATHE as a permanent cultural process in your organisation is quick to do. We can help you assess all the opportunities to employ BREATHE methodology in your organisation and quickly train staff to become facilitators.

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BREATHE has been extensively tested.

BREATHE was created by Tim Hole – a specialist in performance development. Tim has spent 20 years developing award winning talent for the creative industries including personnel and teams from music, advertising, branding, technology, film, television, architecture and fashion. His work focussed on gender parity, diversity and non-hierarchical management systems led to the creation of BREATHE. He is also the Founder of Cicero Coaching and is a Creative Leadership Consultant for Utopia.

Connect with him directly here.