An operating system for diversity and innovation.

BREATHE is a collaboration process designed for teams wishing to utilise diversity and target innovation more effectively.

After experiencing BREATHE – we guarantee your organisation will not only be clearer on its opportunities to use diversity – but will CRAVE diversity over any other resource.


BREATHE is for everyday use across organisations, teams and silos.

BREATHE disrupts and overrides traditional forms of collaboration, which are outdated and prone to the obstacles of gender imbalance, unconscious bias, group think and self-censorship.

In an age where automation is about to take a large stake in our work – BREATHE is tech free, focussing entirely on human interaction.

By using five tried and tested structures, groups of all sizes can generate, develop and take decisive actions utilising all-new thinking and critical insights in little more than an hour.

In organisations this leads to a higher level of inclusion and much better rates of talent retention.


BREATHE works for creative, corporate and volunteer organisations.

Our introductory immersion workshop for up to 40 people not only introduces you to the BREATHE process but will also enable you to assess and to measure the diversity of thinking and operational potential in your teams.

From there, adopting BREATHE as a permanent cultural process in your organisation is quick to do. We can help you assess all the opportunities to employ BREATHE methodology in your organisation and quickly train staff to become facilitators.

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BREATHE is being implemented by many organisations.

Read more about the BREATHE sessions we have run with a range of public, private, charitable and corporate organisations below.


The EMEA Events Team from London, UK used BREATHE to look at it’s opportunities to innovate and refresh its functions. The session saw the entire team platformed for new thinking with powerful narratives emerging that found both consensus and momentum and ideas primed for further attention following the session.

D&AD @ DigitasLBiCommissioned by D&AD Foundation Manager, Hilary Chittenden

D&AD’s ‘New Blood Shift’ moved into a new phase, seeing it’s ‘shifters’ meeting industry mentors for the first time at the London HQ of DigitasLBi. The session needed to be creative and dynamic and BREATHE provided the structure to make that a reality with a fantastic session focussed on the #MeToo viral conversation.

Universal MusicCommissioned by Morna Cook, HR Director. Pete May, Senior HR Business Partner. Ray Pope, Senior Talent Acquisition Mgr

Universal Music wanted to create a recruitment assessment platform that pushed away from the interview model and replaced it instead with a highly creative and interactive process that was not only insightful as to applicant talents, but also afforded a rich and unique experience for everyone taking part. BREATHE was used as a foundation code for process inclusivity and drive for innovative thinking. Created and delivered with Daniele Fiandaca via Utopia. The assessment centre format will be re-used in 2018.

Independents United Commissioned by Co-Owners Shilen Patel and Kate Roskill

IU specialise in approaching business design with a priority on innovation, providing support structures to entrepreneurs to finance, build and launch their products as well as assisting existing corporations with innovation functions. BREATHE was initiated to create a platform for IU to consider opportunities for their own evolution via their products and services where outcomes would be clear, directed and primed for implementation.  The process has also allowed the team to identify a series of areas for them to strengthen their current processes to heighten effectiveness and solution finding.

Royal Society of Art (Manufactures and Commerce) – Reinventing Work Group Meet-up – Commissioned by Network Lead, François Moscovici

The Reinventing Work Group explores concepts related to future structures to run businesses and work groups. BREATHE was utilised to refocus the work of the group in the coming year and brought a mixed group of individuals together to address the opportunities – many of whom had never met each other. BREATHE enabled the group to work together immediately without any initiation or introduction process and discuss future work. Outputs highlighted some critical problems with the existing direction of the group, as well as considerable variation in desire for future meeting content.  Outcomes were diverse, but well framed, but also initiated a new process of restructuring the aims and expectations of future events.

WCRS – Commissioned by Head of HR Jessica Anderson-Ramshall and HR Advisor Rachel Holliday

WCRS is one of the biggest global marketing agencies.  WCRS used the BREATHE process as a tool for identifying ways to make better use of diversity in creative ideation using a live communications message that the company was addressing. As marketeers are experienced in collaborative ideation already, participation was lively and energising for everyone involved, as well as innovative and varied in content. Developing a strong idea tready for implementation, the group exhibited a high level of shared ownership and enthusiasm to carry support mechanisms forward. Other issues were also addressed as to areas for the company to strengthen and expand specialisms.

Ark Data – Commissioned by CEO Huw Owen and Performance Director Manley Hopkinson

Ark securely stores and manages data portfolios for large corporations. In a handful of years it has grown exponentially to be a market leader. As a part of a company away-day, senior leadership thought it would be a good opportunity to consult with all staff about their products and services to identify ideas to innovate across their business.  In two BREATHE sessions featuring input from all staff, the sessions identified a variety of ideas and adaptations to connect greater understandings with clients and join up various operations that previously operated independently. A fantastic sense of ownership encapsulated the outcomes and clear ideas for further iteration were taken away with strong support.

The Marketing Academy – Commissioned by the Inspire Team

The Inspire Team [part of The Marketing Academy] stages interactive and educational events for marketing professionals.  Profits from these events fund scholarships for young marketeers to get employment and mentoring as they enter the industry.  The team is run by volunteers who are themselves marketeers, but who rarely get a chance to be a part of the sessions they stage or to get together as a whole team.  BREATHE was used specifically to bring them together to look at their opportunities for innovation and expansion in the coming year.  Outputs were highly creative and illustrative of the landscape and challenges facing them. The team not only identified lots of exciting ideas, but also took an honest look at some of their processes that were in need of upgrading and reorganising in order to be able to expand as desired.

Digital Futures – Commissioned by Co-Founders Jonathan Lindon and Ollie Williams

Digital Futures is a diversity and employment initiative to help young people secure apprenticeships in the marketing and communications industry who come from a diversity of backgrounds and (invariably) have not completed a university or higher education programme.  As a part of their business potential apprentices are put through experiential workshops to help them identify their own skillsets as well as help DF identify how apprentices need to be supported.  BREATHE was used through numerous education centres to bring these diverse groups together around creative and strategic challenges often mixed-in with visiting ‘industry experts’.  Outputs were continually exciting, progressive and ‘business ready’.  Some of the more surprising outputs however was the high propensity of female participants who soared in performance through the process overwriting some predictable problems with groupthink and male bias that is often an issue in these groups.

House of St. Barnabas – Commissioned by CEO Sandra Schembri

The HoSB is a private members club in Soho, London formed around a charity that assists homeless people in learning new skills and to gain employment opportunities. BREATHE was used to bring a mixed group of members together to discuss ideas for finding new employer partners for the scheme.  The session was comprised of a very diverse group of people, none of whom knew each other.  Some extremely rich ideas were created and outputs were varied. Clear consensus surrounded one idea which was passed back to the charity to take action upon.  All participants were surprised by the productivity of the session and proud of the results.

Basingstoke and DeaneCommissioned by Councillor Clive Sanders, Policy Team Leader Simon Christie & MD Diana Davidson

Basingstoke and Deane is a borough in the south of the UK. The incumbent council is conducting a large project to define a 30+ year vision for the entire area, to include infrastructure, work, sustainability, transport and culture titled ‘Horizon 2050′. The project seeks to collaborate with residents and business owners as well as a range of private and public sector representatives and create a genuinely crowdsourced vision. BREATHE was used to bring a mixed stakeholder group around idea generation that involved 50+ residents, business owners and council staff in a single session. The group effortlessly devised seven strategies for holistically reinventing their area with high priority threaded through the ideas relating to sustainability and new technologies. The group was comprised of a wide range of age groups and industrial specialisms and BREATHE was incredibly effective at navigating straight through usual barriers these differences often create resulting in high engagement, positivity and detailed output.

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BREATHE has been extensively tested.

BREATHE was created by Tim Hole – a specialist in performance development. Tim has spent 20 years developing award winning talent for the creative industries including personnel and teams from music, advertising, branding, technology, film, television, architecture and fashion. His work focussed on gender parity, diversity and non-hierarchical management systems led to the creation of BREATHE. He is also the Founder of Cicero Coaching, Creative Leadership Consultant for Utopia and Associate Coach/Facilitator for The Hobbs Consultancy.

Connect with him directly here.