Inclusive Collaboration Methodology

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Inclusive Collaboration Methodology

We need to change the way we collaborate to achieve true inclusion in our organisations and reach the most diverse ideas. BREATHE® is a process methodology that makes this aspiration a reality.

Business Leaders and Talent Managers are facing unprecedented pressure to change the working dynamics of their people. Employees feel disengaged and orgs are struggling to attract and utilise diverse talent. Our BREATHE® Methodology adds a new component to your business that helps generate solutions and ideas from groups of collaborating humans, that until now have struggled to consistently move with purpose or have simply been kept away from the decision making process by hierarchy or silo’d management process.

“Enjoyable, insightful…with fantastic actionable ideas”– AKQA

‘The Struggle’ costs organisations weeks and months of precious delivery time and disengages employees.

BREATHE® installs into your current culture, creating an accelerated collaboration platform for developing strategies and solutions that move straight to action. This allows an organisation to steer into inclusion quickly, including as much intelligence as possible for a far larger pool of your employee base, increasing engagement and improving retention.

“Generating genuine diversity of thought”– Trailer Park

The five platforms of BREATHE® cover all the major building blocks of strategic development or creative ideation, including pressure testing and agreement phases.

We help your teams understand what the process does and how to use it best.

We train your people to Facilitate it.

We help you establish new cultural processes.

“Gets the best out of diverse groups. Fast and effective.”– Cambridge: Murray Edwards

If you haven’t made plans for protecting your teams ahead of A.I. this is your moment. Human Intelligence (H.I.) needs radical support for it to survive in your org. By using BREATHE® your teams will enjoy the fruits of diverse intelligence informing their products and services and a huge reduction in time-lag usually experienced when trying to get things agreed across silo’s. This means you can also be ready to co-exist with A.I. as it enters your delivery processes.

Here’s a short video to explain more: