Intensive Practical Sessions on High-Level Human Performance


Intensive Practical Sessions on High-Level Human Performance

When you’ve identified a need to upgrade components of business for greater levels of functionality, bringing your teams up to speed with your thinking is a huge challenge. We have designed and built workshops on a variety or performance issues that support employees in understanding why they’re receiving training and supports them in steering into the change. Each workshop has a high percentage of practical exercises so that participants can ‘feel’ the changes as they happen, and develop their own styles in a safe space.

“Excellent techniques and skills”– Fuel

Please see the workshops listed below, but talk to us about your needs. We are happy to make recommendations or design something bespoke for your organisation.

If you try to install new systems or policies before everyone in the org has had a chance to understand them, you face resistance and atrophy which usually leads to abandonment of intention at high cost, that also leaves employees questioning their respect for management.

“Making you greater than you ever thought you could be”– M&C Saatchi

Design good educational experiences ahead of implementation to ensure your teams keep moving forward and can adopt new cultural practices.

– Identity
– Effective Questioning
– Effective Listening
– Productivity
– Team Harmony